Horizon Direct

Branding, Interactive Design, Motion Graphics, UI Design

I was approached to lead the branding and UI designs for Horizon Direct, a Toronto-based remittance startup.

The client is lead by a band of young and forward thinking individuals looking to disrupt a geriatric industry with mobile devices and a more efficient user experience.

From the business cards to the presentation literature, the branding employs a bold use of typography, not afraid to break some boring norms, while maintaining clarity and flow.

The app UI was inspired by the Google HIG and designed with a lot of fluidity between pages, popup windows and prompts. By adding animations to the DNA of the app, the user experience is more enriching than your typical financial app. This ultimately reflects on the perceived value of the company and its brand.


HD-Colour Swatches



Full disclosure: I am currently a shareholder and partner of Horizon Direct.