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Kimono – Ready for submissions

Exciting news from me and the Kaze Collective. Kimono is ready for festival and grant submissions.

What has been a long time coming, we’re really excited to be at this point in the project. Though, the journey and hard work has just begun, Nate and I are fuckin stoked!!

I previously wrote a post introducing the project. I look at the various inspirations behind our creation. Check out Kimono – a projection mapped experience.

Kimono is designed to be, by default, a 3-kimono installation with a dimension of 228x100in respectively. Of course, it’s modular enough to scale up or down as room size permits. I originally envisioned it as a long installation containing 10 kimonos with only one looped animation per kimono– perfect for long hallways– but timing, cost and logistics would make that a “nice to have”.

With that said, I have an ongoing production of kimonos for such an opportunity to have a rather large display.

The current 3-kimono display makes for a interesting visual experience cycling through our library of animations. For a large exhibit, it’s a great complimentary installation or a standalone for a smaller, more intimate venue.Kimono_Technical_RideWe have produced a demo video for our 2016 submissions. Check it out below. We hope you enjoy it.

This year is going to come and go so fast. We look forward to sharing our experiences with you along the way.

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