Whose this Dwanye East guy?

Dwanye East is the pseudonym that chose me many years ago, and it’s a name that that I proudly use as an Experience Designer. It symbolizes how random events can spawn something fantastic if you’re willing to take a chance and own it.

In 2009, I began my journey in XD tinkering with a variety of design disciplines from website design to motion graphics, but it was when I became an Art Director I started to take notice more of the experiences over everything else.

My curiosity lead me to study deeper into how people were connecting with each other, brands and the spaces around them. I found my creative background and personal interests in architecture and storytelling could all coexist under one banner – Experience Design. From there, the adventure continues.

The city of Tokyo has played a huge influence on my work. Even before the XD discipline was coined and marketed out to Designers and problem solvers, the Japanese were doing it with a level of convenience and efficiency most western cities couldn’t compare. For this, I have always found it necessary to travel back to get inspired and discover new ways to solve the next creative problem.

I’m always on the look out for the next creative challenge, big or small. Let’s work together.

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