Whose this Dwanye East guy?

Dwanye East is the pseudonym that chose me many years ago, and it’s a name that that I proudly use as a Motion Designer & Art Director. It symbolizes how random events can spawn something fantastic if you’re willing to take a chance and own it.

In 2009, I began this journey in Motion Design with online tutorials and a healthy obsession for blinking lights… I’ve been honing my skills ever since.

Metropolitan Tokyo is a huge influence on my work. The shear diversity of things to look at and absorb boggles the mind. Their culture and history has created a unique society and creative hub that beautifully balances madness and subtly. Whenever I feel creatively drained, I get ass over there for a quick recharge.

I’m always stoked for a good challenge to wow and inspire. If you’re looking to tell a story with moving picture and blinky lights, then let’s have a chat.

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